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Hello Veronica

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I wanted to extend my profound thanks for the time you took with me giving tips about how to clear my Dad's condo (unable to have a sale) - you were most helpful and reassuring.
Thanks again,

Joanne FletcherToronto

I sending a big thank you for the wool that you generously donated. I delivered it to my former high school, where staff teach students to knit, and donate their projects to a women's shelters and the Salvation Army. They were very thankful and appreciated the wool and needles. The women's shelters are also grateful for the knit items.

Irma Dillinger

Dear Veronica -

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.
Your organizational skills, extensive knowledge and experience were evident leading up to our contents sale and were proven very effective on the days of the sale. The number of people who attended was absolutely incredible. We have never seen so many people!!!
You and your team are so easy to work with. I admire your integrity, honesty and your timely deliverables. I was able to go to work every day knowing everything was in your capable hands.
Thank you and I trust we will be in touch again.

Claudia MontiniEtobicoke

Dear Veronica -

I want to thank you on behalf of the executors of my late brothers estate for the amazing job you company did, staging and selling the contents. As executors one of the most daunting task was comprehending how we would ever sell all the contents in a 2900 sq ft executive home and then clear it out so the new owners could move in. Well, you did it! Your team totally cleared the home out so it was "broom sweep" and ready to move in. You completely exceeded our expectations while delivering a high level of professionalism and respect for my brothers possessions. You also surpassed our expectations by generating 15% more revenue than what we were hoping for. I highly recommend your company to anybody and would gladly be a reference for The GREAT Estate Sale any time.

Ron DemersMilton

Veronica Harding and her team at The Great Estate Sale were extremely knowledgeable, efficient and professional in providing contents-sale services in a timely manner. Working under a short timeline, Veronica managed a complete contents sale and left the premises in a pristine condition. I would not hesitate to recommend Veronica and The Great Estate Sale to any one in need of their services.

Richard R. EvensonEvenson Bundgard LLP Lawyers

Dear Veronica -

Thank you for all your assistance on my matter. Your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism went a long way towards making a very complicated sale so much easier. I would happily use your services in the future and would be pleased to recommend you to others.
With thanks,

Megan ConnollyConnolly Law

"I have used The Great Estate Sale for estate work in the past and was very pleased with their services".

John A. MurrayB.A., LL.B.

I can't thank you enough for looking after my clients on Cedarbank. Your knowledge and expertise really went along way with the success of my client's auction. The whole weekend event went so smoothly and when it was finished I was very impressed with how your crew left the premises in a broom swept condition. Thank you again for all your much needed assistance and I will be so pleased to pass your name onto future clients.

Karen MillarBroker

As a Real Estate agent, I met Veronica who handled an estate sale for a deceased couple whose property I was listing For Sale. What was very clear to me was the care & respect that went into the preparation & sale of their personal possessions! What truly struck me was the honesty, professionalism and dedication that Veronica brings to her handling of people's personal things--as though they were her own things or that of a dear relative or friend. I have no doubt that this couple would have hired Veronica, if they had been here to make that choice! Often when I am selling a property, there is a need to sell personal property, de-clutter & downsize! So I am very pleased to know that The Great Estate Sale is there! As I have experienced in Real Estate, it is more complex than putting a sign in the lawn ... Veronica has in-depth knowledge & skills when it comes to "taking care of organizing & selling" your personal items. Veronica makes a tedious & complex process look easy & gets the job done in a timely manner, so you can move forward - so take a deep breath, relax & call Veronica. I have built my Real Estate practice by aligning myself with companies like "The Great Estate Sale" to ensure that my clients are well treated in every aspect of managing their home & possessions ... this is a "TRUST" that I do not take lightly. Need I say that I have no reservations in recommending "The Great Estate Sale" to anyone!

Patricia Williams

Hi Veronica:
Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for all the work on my aunts estate. After the home was staged for a contents sale, it was like a showroom, with a price tag on every single item. Really appreciated the fact that you included our family for their input on certain items. You took a burden off our shoulders and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of money that you made for us.

Many thanks.

Geoff Gitan, Ultimate

Ms. Harding,

Your warm personality, willingness to help, genuine caring are all too rare in the world of for-profit private businesses. It is clear to me that you love your job, you love your clients, and your skills and personality easily demonstrate why you are a leader in your profession. I can't recommend your services highly enough!

ain McBride RSW Case Manager,
Urban Health Team
South Riverdale Community Health Centre

Veronica, you and your team did a fantastic job, sorting through all of our treasures to find those to put into the sale. You showed me you have a great eye for what will sell, and know just how to price them. I was delighted that the vintage camera equipment sold for great prices. Even though you were not familiar with some of this equipment, you did your homework and developed a successful strategy to sell them. I was delighted when I returned to the house to find it totally empty.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Best wishes for future successful sales.

Anne Clavir

Thank you so much for doing such a great job for us. We really appreciate all your hard work, kindness and patience! It was a pleasure meeting you--we will highly recommend you to all our friends!
Warmest wishes,

Pamela and family

Most often the circumstances that lead us to need an estate contents sale are sad and stressful. As family, we find ourselves having to deal with all the practical issues of a loved one's death or their move to a care residence. Often decisions have to be made quickly.

How fortunate, then, my husband & I were to find Great Estates, owned by Veronica Harding. Working on our schedule & time restraints (we live 3 hours away), Veronica & her crew took care of every detail, from first meeting & consultation to final clean- up for the contents sale at our Mother's home.

Everyone was warm & compassionate, professional & hard- working. They were respectful of the sentimental value of our treasures & very knowledgeable of the monetary value.
Veronica works with a high level of integrity & strong ethics, and has obviously hired people with the same values. Great Estates has a huge following of loyal customers, and combined with the great advertising Veronica did, our sale attracted fantastic crowds of shoppers!

My husband & I were so pleased with Great Estates, Veronica Harding & her staff and the results of the sale, that we used their services again at our aunt's home.

From time to time, we've heard "tales of woe" about other estate sale companies for various reasons. We were fortunate to have chosen Great Estates and without hesitation, are pleased to highly recommend Veronica Harding & her "GREAT" company!

If any prospective client wants a direct reference, they can call me. Happy, stress-free sales this summer!


I love these estate sales! It's like a multi-family street sale all in one place!


In my experience, Veronica Harding is the best at what she does. You can trust Veronica to be fair and honest when either hiring her to liquidate your possessions, or when purchasing an item for yourself.


As an eldercare planner, my clients need to know their parents are treated with respect, whether I'm helping them select a retirement residence, moving their furniture in, or introducing a real estate agent to handle the sale.

Everyone worries about what to do with those possessions that aren't moving with them - the china cabinet items Mum treasured all her life, the beloved furniture pieces, the memory-laden elements of a family's history.

For the past 10 years I have relied on Veronica and Mo at The Great Estate Sale to engage with my clients, quickly identify what's valuable, honestly appraise and fairly price the family possessions. They work very hard to present everything in a home setting that maximizes the sale experience, inviting only selected buyers and maintaining the strictest control and security during the sale. The home is left in broom-swept condition and ready for the former owners to make way for a new family of residents. The very few times I've had to use other estate companies, usually in other cities, only highlighted the efficiency and compassion of Veronica and her team.

I'm happy to speak to anyone who is considering The Great Estate Sale's services at any time.

Pat M. Irwin, BA, CSA/CPCA™
President, ElderCareCanada

Dear Veronica (The Great Estate Sale),
We wish to express our sincerest gratitude to you and your staff for your tremendous efforts in the sale of our grandmother's estate. Living a distance of 400 kilometers from our grandmother's apartment, and her sudden need to transfer to a nursing home, it seemed like an impossible task to deal with her apartment contents. We were so relieved to have found your company! You were extremely efficient right from the start: from organizing all of the advertising, cleaning and sorting out the apartment contents and holding the sale itself - all without any help from us - you truly are a remarkable service. After having met you once, it was evident that you know this business well and you put our minds at ease as you tackled this task with expertise. Without a doubt, we could never have done this job ourselves - especially living so far away and with the time constraints that we had to deal with. We would highly recommend your company to anyone who requires peace of mind in dealing with such a stressful stage of life. We know you put a lot of hard work into our sale, but you made it look effortless. Our sincerest thank you, once again, to you and you staff for your expertise and hard work!

With great thanks,

Paula and Colin Belanger

Dear Veronica and Team:
I wish to convey my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for all your genuine hard work in making the sale a successful one. On a business level you surpassed my expectations and I was impressed with your organizational skills and hard work and dedication in "getting the job done". Thank you for your expertise.

You lived up to your words by providing me with a "stress-free alternative by coordinating the sale in an utmost professional manner. It was a pleasure to meet you and your wonderful and dedicated team.

You listened and met my needs with compassion and respect and delivered a confident solution wrapped with trust. For that alone, you made me feel it was OK to part with my treasures of so many years.

I have no regrets and wish to thank you all for helping me walk forward. I appreciated the conversations and your positive attitude. You are a warm and genuine lady.

A. Cadere, (now in San Francisco)

Veronica always does such a great job at organizing these content sales!


Even though the house I needed to clean out wasn't worth her bother, Veronica was nothing but incredibly helpful in setting me up with the right people I needed. I was quite pleased in dealing with her and would not hesitate to recommend her.


I am so thankful that my lawyer referred me to Veronica and her wonderful staff, who worked with me during the short time I was in Toronto.

The Great Estate Sale patiently sorted through mounds of stuff, finding many personal items, photos, money, jewellery, even an updated will. They even washed dishes and crystal to make them shine, vacuumed the carpets and made the beds. They completely transformed the house into a show room.

Veronica and her staff took away a lot of stress and handled everything, from set up to the sale to the removal of unsold items.

Everyone involved in this company showed caring, compassion, integrity and honesty and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a content sale, estate sale or in need of downsizing.

Anne Fitz, B.C.

I was faced with the prospect of clearing the complete contents of my aunt's house after she passed away. Along with the legal aspect as Power of Attorney and executor, the task of clearing out the entire house was overwhelming, as I had very little time after the funeral and no contacts in Toronto. To further complicate things, I did not live in Canada.

I feel fortunate to have found The Great Estate Sale. From our very first telephone conversation, I felt comfortable and in "good hands" as she was confident and forthright. Veronica explained that I should concentrate only on what I wanted to keep and not to worry about anything else. This cut my work to less than half.

Once Veronica and her staff arrived at the house, it became obvious that her "staff" all shared the same passion for their jobs. Sorting through the house contents was like an assembly line. They found all kinds of items that I had missed that they asked me to check through, to keep or to sell. When I returned home, Veronica continued to contact me through, Email, phone and mail.

I've never heard of a service like The Great Estate Sale before, but I am certainly impressed with the passion and effort that The Great Estate Sale put into their work. With our aging population, estate and content sales will be a much needed service.

A HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done, I could not have done it without you.

Jennifer J., Atlanta Georgia

My heartfelt thanks to Veronica and her "crew" for a job well done, under very difficult circumstances.


I was referred by a colleague who was extremely happy with the result of The Great Estate Sale, who had conducted a sale a few months prior.

I was in shock after losing my soul mate and life's companion.

Two house content sale companies and a used furniture dealer would not help me. Although the content of the house were minimal, The Great Estate Sale accepted the sale. Throughout the entire processes, I was treated with care and compassion.

If you have an estate to clear, I would highly recommend Veronica from The Great Estate Sale to help you.

M. Cryer, London England

After speaking with a variety of people, I was at a cross road at what to do with my brother's house contents after he died.

I felt the estate contents must be worth something, but the professionals in the business told me it would be best to donate it all.

I found The Great Estate Sale over the Internet, so I was skeptical. After meeting with Veronica and her staff, I was put at ease. My wife and I never met anyone who loved their job. We were hooked when Veronica mentioned that she could not believe people paid her to do something that she loved to do so much. The Great Estate Sale staff clearly share the same passion.

From my research, most companies in this business only want higher end antiques and collectibles and are not interested in anything else. Veronica was able to educate me in the "used" furniture market and obviously, she knew her market.

We weren't expecting a large return for the contents as our motivation was to remove it. Therefore we were ecstatic to see a cheque for a substantial amount of money at the end.

The Great Estate Sale are true professionals. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to clear out a complete estate.

L.R.Oliver, NFLD

Losing my partner to an untimely and unexpected death was one of the most difficult I've had to endure. Trying to clear out 25 years of memories was emotionally draining. I was finding it difficult to cope with the 30 day closing date, after the house sold.

Veronica and Mo, you are wonderful and caring people. A special thank you to Marilyn and Bev who patiently helped me sort what to keep and what to let go of. Both of you are angels. To all the rest of the staff, a big thank you!! Everyone connected with The Great Estate Sale appear to share the same passion as the owner. It is obvious, everyone loves their jobs.

Kudo's to The Great Estate Sale. With their help, I've finally been able to move on with my life.

B. Haydon, London, Ontario

After 60 years of marriage, I lost my husband. I was totally lost as my husband did everything for me. We did not have children and had no relatives in Canada.

The Great Estate Sale was referred to me and I am forever grateful. I had no means or resources to dispose of my home contents as all our friends were all in their 80's. Veronica explained everything to me, spent time answering all my phone calls and questions. I never felt pressured or ill at ease at any time.

The Great Estate Sale took complete control, which resulted in a huge burden being taken off my shoulder. I was equally surprised when I was notified the amount of money that my contents generated, especially for the fact that the items dated back about 30 years.

I would not hesitate in recommending The Great Estate Sale to anyone needing to clear out their estate contents. I could not have done it without your company.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

A. Franklin, Richmond Hill, Ontario

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