• Specialists in House Content & Estate Sales
  • Downsizing, moving and complete Estate Sale disposition
  • Selling and organizing complete house contents from basement to attic
  • Marketing and pricing your household items for quick sale
  • Maximize your financial return while liquidating unwanted items
  • Professional sale management of estate & content auctions
  • Personal customer service and attention to detail resulting in successful content sales

The Great Estate Sale has been professionally selling house contents and conducting estate sales for over two decades. Our success in liquidating unwanted items is driven by our energy and attention to every detail in the marketing and sale of property contents. We call it our RESPECT mission.

R - respectful of our clients privacy, the contents of their home and the home itself
E - extensive research on items of value to ensure maximum selling price
S - service that goes beyond ... we oversee all aspects of the contents sale including pre sale marketing and after sale disposal of unwanted items
P - proactive ... we leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the word out on your house or estate sale
E - energetic ... enjoying what we do shows, and every sale is "show time" for us
C - commissions are based on a % of sales, with no hidden fees
T - total satisfaction ... we are not hesitant in offering testimonials and past sale information

Demographically in Ontario the population is aging and boomers are downsizing as they prepare and move into retirement. In many cases senior family members or relatives pass away and the daunting responsibility of liquidating the estate falls to a family member. In any case we can smooth the process and make it as trouble free as possible. We have consistently added to and expanded our services to meet the growing requirements of the gaining population and we have learned from out clients that "one stop shopping" with attention to detail is important to them. Most sale clients don't want the responsibility of marketing the sale and they certainly don't want the cleanup and disposal of unsold and unwanted items after the sale is complete. We can come into your house and carefully sort, clear, appraise, price and stage your homes contents without the headaches and worries associated with most liquidations of household property.

We can help you achieve quick cash for your collectibles, antiques or home furnishings. We can help you when it is time to down-sizing to a smaller home by selling your unwanted furnishings. Our goal is to obtain top dollar for your estate sale, household contents or estate liquidation and we will make certain that the entire process is stress-free. We have successfully managed hundreds of estate and content sales in the Greater Toronto area. Our solid reputation as a leading Toronto estate sale company has been built over the years by delivering top-notch service to our many satisfied customers. Call or email to learn more about all of our professional residential liquidation services. We are happy to provide a complimentary initial consultation.

Offering a wide range of professional home content liquidation services, The Great Estate Sale focuses on providing our customers with the best in personal service to assist them in moving, downsizing, consolidating estates and more. We do all the work running a two-day, weekend sale for a hassle-free move or estate clean-out. Our estate sale and moving sale services include setting up, organizing, pricing, providing all supplies, advertising, clean up and more. We also have a huge client base that receives timely email invitations with information about all of our upcoming estate and content sales, giving your content or estate sale the exposure that it deserves. As an experienced Ontario home contents specialist, we have assisted hundreds of satisfied customers and pleased to provide references.

Sign up today to be on our exclusive estate sale and content sale mail list. We will send you timely and informative Toronto content sale announcements and Toronto estate sale updates on all of our upcoming content sales in Toronto and the surrounding area. This service is complimentary and allows estate sale buyers, content sale shoppers, antique buyers, collectors and bargain hunters the opportunity to plan ahead so that they can attend all of the upcoming estate and content sales that are of interest to them. Toronto content shopping has never been easier. We give you the location of the sale and an idea of what you may expect to find at the sale, with a description and pictures of some of the items for sale. In this way, you don't have to drive all over the city searching for content sales that may or may not have what you are looking for. You can plan your Toronto estate sale shopping weekend and attend just the estate sales that are of interest to you or the ones that are convenient for you.

There comes a time in most everyone's life when they realize it is time to downsize. Whether this is a decision that you are happy to make or one that you have trouble coming to terms with, for most downsizing is a fact of life. Maybe you are moving from a large family home to a small bungalow or condominium apartment. Maybe you have reached an age where moving to a retirement residence with a single room makes sense. The fact of the matter is, when you downsize your home you will be faced with some work to do and decisions to make. For many, moving the contents of your home is stressful enough. This stress is compounded when you are forced to whittle down into a manageable and moveable collection your most treasured possessions. Hard decisions must be made about what to do with prize possessions and family heirlooms that you no longer have room for. Downsizing is a time fraught with emotion. As well, physical and financial stresses can add to the emotional trauma for downsizing your home.

Ensure your Toronto home move or downsize runs as smoothly as possible with the complete estate sale and house content services of The Great Estate Sale. We will help you sort through your Toronto home contents or the contents of an estate in your charge, so that you can easily select those items that you wish to retain and those that you would like to sell for cash. Selling unwanted furniture, household goods, art and antiques, can streamline your move and make it much less aggravating. Why pay a moving company to transport those items that you no longer want or no longer have a use for. Keeping unwanted household goods also means finding a place to keep them. Bear in mind that today's condominium apartments offer much less space. If you have too much stuff, you may be faced with having to locate and pay for offsite storage. This is something no one wants to face on moving day- too much stuff and no place to put it. With a little careful planning and the help of the house content experts at The Great Estate Sale, this unfortunate scenario can be avoided.

Pricing is one of the most difficult aspects of preparing for an estate or content sale and possibly one of the most important factors in achieving the best possible outcome; a smooth content sale and maximum profit. In order to achieve optimum results, where all sale items are liquidated, with the seller receiving top dollar, articles must be priced right. Coming up with a price for each object can be a daunting task. Correct pricing is critical to the success of any estate sale. Price an article too high and it will not sell. Price an article too low and it is money out of your own pocket. When you entrust your Toronto content sale or Toronto estate sale to The Great Estate Sale, you can feel confident that with our many years of estate sale experience we know how to price each article to obtain the most money and to sell quickly.

That old porcelain urn you found in your great aunt's attic may be an item of great value. It could be a rare specimen worth thousands at auction. It could just as easily be a very ordinary, mass-produced piece of kitsch that you would be lucky to get a couple of dollars for at a garage sale, yard sale or content sale. Due to popular television programs that assess the value of household goods, antiques and collectables, like The Antiques Roadshow and Pawn Stars, many more people are taking a second look at stuff that, perhaps a few years ago, they might have just tossed into a recycling bin or taken to the local charity thrift shop. We have all watched in amazement as the art appraiser or antique expert informs the owner of a very unremarkable-looking object that it is a rare and priceless treasure. How do you determine whether a particular piece of furniture, art or antique is treasure or trash? Naturally, there are ways to find out.

To determine the value yourself of items such as antiques, art, rare coins, rare stamps and jewelry, you will need to learn more about that item. Read books, magazines and visit the stores that sell these items. By example, if it is a piece of furniture that you are pricing to sell, visit furniture stores, secondhand stores, consignment stores and furniture resale stores to look at how similar pieces of used furniture are priced. Of course, with our vast experience of pricing and selling during the course of literally thousands of successful estate sales and content sales, the experts at The Great Estate Sale will already know the correct price to charge. It is all part of our Toronto estate sale service.

Obviously, selling treasured antiques and items of value without the help of an experienced estate sale company can be tricky and time consuming. Sometimes even after extensive research on your own, it may be necessary to get professional help for a true evaluation. To be certain of an item's value, you may need to hire an experienced antique expert or a qualified antique appraiser to be sure that you have a one-in-a-million treasure and not a worthless trinket. But finding such a professional appraiser or qualified antique expert may not be easy or cheap. To eliminate all the running around and the guesswork associated with pricing and selling fine furniture, antiques, collections, rare items and household goods of value, let the number one Toronto estate sale company do all the work for you.